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A Peek into Minimalist City Living: Jason Littrell’s Lower East Side Apartment

July 07, 20243 min read

A Peek into Minimalist City Living: Jason Littrell’s Lower East Side Apartment

Discovering Life in a Minimalist New York City Apartment

Jason Littrell, an expert in beverage brand sales and marketing, and a seasoned management consultant for Kinetic Management Systems, offers an inspiring glimpse into his minimalist lifestyle in New York City. In a candid YouTube video, Jason gives viewers a tour of his Lower East Side apartment, showcasing how he embraces minimalism following significant life changes, including his divorce.

Embracing Minimalism After Major Life Changes

Jason’s journey to minimalism was gradual, sparked by major life events. He explains, “I live in a very small New York City Lower East Side apartment and I like it like that. To make this work for me, I've reduced dramatically." His commitment to reducing possessions and simplifying his life is notable, especially in a bustling metropolis like New York City.

Designing a Functional Workspace

A significant portion of Jason’s apartment is dedicated to work. His standing workstation includes a laptop, a second monitor, a drawing pad for presentations, and a wireless keyboard. This setup highlights his professional dedication and flexibility, allowing him to pack up and leave quickly if needed.

Unique Living Arrangements

Jason’s living space is unconventional, lacking typical furniture like a couch and bed frame. Instead, he prefers to live primarily on the ground. His son, however, has a more conventional bed setup, showing Jason's adaptability and care for his child’s comfort. He states, “My son does, but I don't because I don't think I need it.” This perspective challenges viewers to rethink their own living necessities.

Creating a Child-Friendly Environment

Despite his minimalist lifestyle, Jason ensures his five-year-old son has a comfortable and engaging environment. The apartment features a reading nook with various books and a music nook filled with instruments, reflecting Jason’s balance between personal preferences and his son’s needs.

Culinary Corner and Dietary Commitments

Jason’s kitchen is efficiently organized, supporting his largely plant-based diet. He avoids meat, dairy, and most carbs, committing to using up what he buys. Interestingly, while he doesn't consume alcohol, his well-stocked liquor cabinet is available for guests. He notes, “I stopped drinking, stopped smoking, stopped eating carbs, meat, dairy... and then I think probably caffeine is next.”

Storage Solutions and Personal Artifacts

Ingenious storage solutions maximize space in Jason’s apartment. A multi-purpose drum serves as a sitting area, and office equipment is neatly stored. Artifacts and musical instruments provide aesthetic enrichment. Jason’s wardrobe is minimal, featuring identical white T-shirts to reduce decision fatigue and maintain a streamlined lifestyle.

Bringing the Outdoors In: Bicycles and Camping Gear

An avid cyclist, Jason maintains several bikes, including a cargo bike for his son and a commuter bike for himself. His camping gear symbolizes freedom and preparedness, allowing him to maintain an active, adventurous lifestyle even in a small apartment.

Concluding Thoughts

Jason Littrell's minimalist approach to living in a small New York City apartment provides an enlightening perspective on finding comfort and efficiency in simplicity. His thoughtful arrangement of a compact space, professional productivity, and focus on his son’s well-being offers a refreshing take on urban living. For those intrigued by minimalism or seeking ways to optimize their living space, Jason’s lifestyle serves as an inspiring example of how less can indeed be more.

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