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Restaurant Recruitment and Supplier Management Systems

July 08, 20244 min read

Restaurant Recruiting and Supplier Management Systems


In the dynamic world of bars and restaurants, success hinges on two fundamental aspects: attracting and retaining exceptional staff, and efficiently managing supplier relationships. Jason Littrell, an expert in beverage brand sales and marketing and a seasoned management consultant for Kinetic Management Systems based in NYC, dives into his latest project designed to address these challenges head-on. His enthusiasm for his work is palpable as he discusses the development of a groundbreaking Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a Supplier Management System aimed at transforming the way independent bars and restaurants operate.

The Importance of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Jason's primary focus is on creating an ATS that streamlines the hiring process for bars and restaurants. This system isn't just a digital repository for applications; it’s designed to ensure every applicant is genuinely interested in the role and fully understands the establishment they’re applying to. By soliciting questions from applicants and providing them with detailed information upfront, the ATS fosters better-informed and more enthusiastic candidates.

"I've started building out this Applicant Tracking System, and it's really, really powerful," Jason shared. “It just makes sure that all applicants are red hot about why they're applying.”

Legal and Organizational Benefits of an ATS

Jason emphasizes the legal advantages of a well-structured ATS. In conversations with a restaurant attorney, he learned about the significant risks of lawsuits related to employment practices. By documenting the entire hiring process comprehensively, bars and restaurants can shield themselves from considerable liability.

"A lot of times, bars and restaurants, they get sued for dumb stuff," Jason noted. "We are tracking every step and documenting every step of the way, ensuring transparency and shielding them from a considerable amount of liability."

Enhancing Staff Engagement

The ATS isn't just about recruitment; it’s about the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding. By integrating features like training modules, performance reviews, and internal staff communities, Jason’s system ensures staff are continuously engaged and valued.

"The cost of not doing something like this is extremely high," Jason points out, illustrating the financial impact of high staff turnover and the benefits of a happy, well-trained team.

Always Be Recruiting

A key strategy Jason advocates is perpetual recruitment. By leveraging multiple channels such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Profile, and website chat widgets, bars and restaurants can maintain a steady pipeline of potential hires. This approach ensures that when vacancies arise, there's a ready pool of candidates.

"We want to always be recruiting so that whenever that the time comes, when you're looking for a bartender or a server, you send out the bat signal to everybody in your database," Jason explains.

Introduction of the Supplier Management System

In addition to the ATS, Jason’s innovative thinking extends to supplier management. By building a comprehensive Supplier Management System, he aims to streamline the interaction between bars/restaurants and their suppliers.

"You depend on your suppliers. So people coming to sell you stuff is essential for the business. But this is a way to manage them," Jason elaborated.

Benefits of Supplier Management

The Supplier Management System allows establishments to define clear guidelines for suppliers, book appointments, and manage interactions efficiently. This not only saves time but also ensures that supplier relationships are consistent and beneficial.

"This is the resource that I want to provide for independent bars and restaurants doing at least half a million dollars a year because any less, and you probably have other bigger problems," Jason asserts.

Creating a Competitive Edge

Jason shares an anecdote about a nightclub buyer who leveraged supplier competition to their advantage by sharing order details across multiple vendors. While not necessarily a strategy for everyone, it underscores the importance of having a well-organized supplier database.

"Having a database of your suppliers that stays with the business is a very, very valuable asset," Jason concluded.


Jason Littrell’s enthusiasm for his innovative solutions in the restaurant and hospitality industry is infectious. His commitment to creating systems that enhance recruitment, staff engagement, and supplier management promises to deliver significant benefits to any bar or restaurant willing to adopt them. By focusing on these critical operational aspects, Jason is helping to pave the way for a more efficient and legally safeguarded hospitality sector.

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